Our Approach

                              Our Approach to Bringing Customers Value

Safety, Quality and Environment First

Our primary focus is achieving quality sand production in a safe and environmentally responsible workplace. Our commitment to safety, the environment, and the communities where we operate is our highest business value.

Reliable and
Consistent Supply

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable production improvement and surety of supply by completion of key capital projects, mine planning and continued operator training. Additionally, our strategic relationships with other proppant supply sources helps ensure surety of supply in a volatile market.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and an ease of doing business. We offer 24/7 customer support from a centralized Customer Service and Dispatch center. We continue to develop new and innovative software-based solutions to help in many areas including billing reconciliation, facility wait times, truck visibility, and inventory availability.

Landed Cost

Our goal is to help our customers achieve a competitive landed cost by leveraging the logistically advantaged locations of our plants as well as our software driven Distribution Services platform consisting of sand supply, trucking, procurement services, and wellsite storage solutions.